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An interpretive DVD-ROM, Imaging the Bible in Wales, was produced and made available with the book published by Sheffield Phoenix Press, Biblical Art from Wales. The DVD-ROM was written and produced by Martin Crampin, based on the research undertaken during the three-year AHRC project and in collaboration with John Morgan-Guy and Martin O'Kane.

Through written text and audio interviews eight richly illustrated themes are explored on the DVD-ROM. The themes are introduced with biblical quotations that are developed through analysis of the rich biblical visual culture that the project documented and interpreted. The titles of the themes are: 'The Word Made Image', 'The Bible and the Welsh Landscape', 'Art and Faith', 'Domestic Piety', 'Speaking in Parables', 'Reproduction and Tradition', 'The Way of the Cross' and 'The Victory of Good over Evil'.

Screen from the DVD featuring the work of Amber Hiscott.

With over 600 images andnotes for further reading, the DVD-ROM is considerably enhanced through the ability to click on images and enter the Imaging the Bible in Wales Database, or to directly search the Database or the whole of the internet to enable a seamless approach to a users' line of enquiry. This offers the ability to discover more works by the same artists, other depictions of the same subject and additional views, details and context of the artworks discussed.

The DVD-ROM is not available separately, but is included with every copy of the book Biblical Art from Wales, published in 2010. Copies are available at only £19.50 from bookshops or directly from the publishers Sheffield Phoenix Press.

Screen from the DVD with views of windows in the Church of St David, Neath.

Screen from the DVD with work by Rory Geoghegan

Cover for forthcoming book 'Biblical Art from Wales'.