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Imaging the Bible in Wales.
The Bible and the Visual Imagination.
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There were three primary outcomes of the project:

(a) a lavishly illustrated book with 17 contributors drawn from the world of Biblical Studies, Art History and Social & Cultural History. The book contains analyses of the material discussed at two major project conferences (September 2006 and April 2008) as well as contextual information from a number of additional authoritative commentators. The book was published in 2010 by Sheffield Phoenix Press.

(b) an interpretive DVD-ROM was also produced and made available with the book Biblical Art from Wales. The DVD explores a number of themes such as the Bible and the Welsh landscape, the interplay of art and faith, biblical imagery in a domestic context and religious military metaphors in war memorials in churches.

(c) An online database of images is available at The database lists biblical artwork from Wales relative to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and contains over 4,000 photographs taken as part of the project fieldwork activities. Descriptive and interpretive notes are included as well as bibliographic and online resources for further information. The artwork is searchable by subject, biblical reference, artist, artform and location.

In addition a further book, Imaging the Bible, edited by Martin O'Kane was also published in 2008 by SPCK. Also an assessment report was written detailing how the most significant findings of the project could be marshalled in the task of conservation of a visual culture that is seriously at risk. Since 2004, we have established contact with many heritage groups, church groups, educational centres etc with a shared interest in our material. For example there has been a growing initiative to keep churches open and encourage interest in local heritage, and our experience has proved that our photographic archive, together with the expertise of the project personnel, can assist these initiatives. Similarly, the material has proved of interest to museums and galleries, as well as those working in education.

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