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Imaging the Bible in Wales.
The Bible and the Visual Imagination.
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Imaging the Bible in Wales

Based at the University of Wales, Lampeter, the project team travelled extensively in Wales visiting a wide variety of sites. But closer to home, here is a selection of work from in and around Lampeter.

Virgin and Child, carved in stone.  Jesus is nailed to the cross, carved in wood.

These two images are from the Roman Catholic Church in Lampeter. The carved wooden image on the right is by the Czech refugee artist, Jaroslav Krechler. Both the head of Pilate (not shown), and the figure shown here nailing Jesus to the Cross, seem to be modelled on Adolf Hitler.


Warrior Angel, stained glass from Betws Bledrws.  

In common with much of the rest of Wales, there are good and varied examples of stained glass to be found in and around Lampeter. The Warrior Angel, (left), is from the Church of St Bledrws, Betws Bledrws, 1887. Designed by the Swedish artist Carl Almquist and made by Shrigley and Hunt, Lancaster. The image of Solomon watching the building of the Temple, is by Powells of Whitefriars, from the Church of St Peter, Lampeter, 1939. Stained glass may also be found in two nearby Unitarian Chapels, including the Image (right) of St Paul at Pantdefaid, Pren-gwyn, made by John Hall & Sons, Bristol, 1929.

Mourning over the dead Christ, oil painting after Carracci..

The Dead Christ Mourned, after Annibale Carracci, probably nineteenth century. This copy was probably bought by the Harford family, patrons of the University, and now hangs in the College Chapel.

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Stained glass by Wilhemina Geddes, Lampeter.
Figure of Christ, from the central panel of a window by Willhemina Geddes, 1946, Church of St Peter, Lampeter. The window is the last major work of this important Irish artist, and was the focus of one the lectures during our 2006 symposium.


Stained glass from Pantdefaid Chapel.